A CROAT MADE SERBS CRY WITH A STORY ABOUT KOSOVO! Ivan blew away the false state with these words! (VIDEO)

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Croatian Ivan Frančina decided to visit Kosovo and Metohija and on that occasion he had one question for the so-called authorities of the fake state.

A CROAT MADE SERBS CRY WITH A STORY ABOUT KOSOVO! Ivan blew away the false state with these words! (VIDEO)

Foto: Ilustracija: Republika.rs, Tanjug/Filip Krajinčanić, Wikipedia/Balkan, Pudelek, Pixabay

Kosovo i Mehotija

The Croatian TikToker, who came to the holy Serbian land on his trip, had some questions for the fake state and its even more fake statesmen.

- Since I was uninformed, I didn't know which republic it was, so I went to check it out. Now I'm wondering if you are referring to the Kosovo from which the rulers Nemanja, Stratimir, Miroslav, Stefan, Vukan, Sveti Sava, i.e. Rastko Nemanjić or maybe Milutin, Dragutin, Dušan or Lazar come from?Is that the Kosovo where Visoki Dečani, Gračanica and Pećka Patrijaršija monasteries are? Are you referring to that Kosovo? Where are your rulers, the ones who ruled Kosovo? What monuments do you have - Ivan said in a video postes on TikTok, and the video was viewed by almost 30,000 people.

It is also worth mentioning that the Serbian patriotic song "Lazarica", which talks about Kosovo and Metohija, could be heard in the background during the entire video.

This video caused a lot of emotions among our people, so there were emotional comments:

- Well, that's the best explanation.

- I'm speechless, thank you.

- That's Kosovo, brother, long live.

- Long live my friend, great respect, I bow to you.

- Well done my hero, my brother.

- Greetings, I wish you all the best - these are just some of the comments.



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