THE PRESIDENT PUT AN END TO IT! Vučić's clear message about Nebojša Stefanović and Dijana Hrkalović!

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The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, pointed out that he did not want to deal with speculations when it comes to the case of "wiretapping", which Nebojša Stefanović and Dijana Hrkalović talked about during their hearing in the Sector of Internal Control of the Ministry of the Interior on Friday.

THE PRESIDENT PUT AN END TO IT! Vučić's clear message about Nebojša Stefanović and Dijana Hrkalović!

Foto: ST/N. PANČIĆ, V. Lukić, Tanjug/J.Ilić

In the previous days, a raging media war has been going on between Nebojša Stefanović and Dijana Hrkalović. The mutual accusations of the former associates in the Ministry of the Interior are pouring in, and the main topic is the wiretapping of the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić.

The former state secretary in the Ministry of the Interior made claims that the former Minister of Police, Nebojša Stefanović, ordered the wiretapping of the President, planned the"Jovanjica" scandal and personally protected the criminal clan of Veljko Belivuk.

- As for the accusations of wiretapping and everything else, I believe in the institutions. I have received recordings of those conversations, I know they have been listening in on me. That's a terrible thing for me. This endangered the security of the state, but let the competent institutions deal with that - said the President of Serbia and added:

- As far as I am concerned, that case is over, let the courts and the prosecutor's office deal with it, and I will deal with the things that are important for the state. I believe in the institutions of this country. It is up to the institutions to do their job - Vučić pointed out.

The President once again reminded of the numerous lies that the opposition media told about his family, and one of them is that Danilo is the manager of Juventus striker Dušan Vlahović.

- Let me know when Vlahović signs a new contract, so that I know how much my son earned. I'm just wondering how much longer you're going to lie - the President of Serbia said.

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