Neurologist warns: We all do this and causes many diseases


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An expert explains that sleeping next to a mobile phone is harmful to your health.

Neurologist warns: We all do this and causes many diseases

Do you go to bed with your phone? Do you set the alarm, then place it next to your pillow or on a bedside table, and still leave it on the charger? Most people do this, but the bad news is that this habit is extremely harmful to your health.

A Russian expert, neurologist Olga Zincheva, urges you to get rid of these habits immediately. As she pointed out for the Russian media, "human tissue absorbs the radio frequency radiation of a mobile phone, which can negatively affect health."

Zincheva added that the effect of blue light emitted by the smartphone screen can be harmful to the eyes and contribute to the development of degenerative diseases. The neurologist listed other potential disorders related to the habit of sleeping next to a mobile phone, among which are:

- biological rhythm disorder

- insomnia

- headaches

- reduction of functionality

- memory problems

Zincheva also pointed out that some research links the presence of radiofrequency radiation of the device with an increased risk of health problems, among which are neurological and mental disorders.

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