Dijana Djoković revealed Novak's LONG KEPT SECRET: He told me "I let myself down"!

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Dijana Djoković revealed a hitherto unknown detail from the life of Novak Djoković, the most painful moment for him.

Dijana Djoković revealed Novak's LONG KEPT SECRET: He told me "I let myself down"!


Novak and Dijana Djoković

Dijana Djoković, the mother of Novak Djoković, she spoke openly about personal matters in a TV show, but also about raising children and her relationship with them, and she revealed that Novak is the one who is now "raising" his mother and father, and then she explained how.

- Novak is constantly looking for some new knowledge. Something that is not available to us, mere mortals, something that we are not familiar with. He is interested in diet, therapies, alternative methods, all of that. He is not a supporter of traditional Western medicine, which is already known, but he did have an instance when he had to have surgery - Dijana said, and looked back on the period when he had an arm injury, which is why he took the longest break in his career:

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Dijana Djoković is her son's greatest supporter

- When he woke up after surgery, he told me he had let himself down. I explained to him that he had done what he had to do, and that if he planned on continuing his career, it was necessary. He tried alternative methods, everything that was available to him, but nothing worked. Novak is simply an opponent of that, he doesn't like drugs, he doesn't like things like these going into his body. He is curious, he reads everything he can get his hands on, he is educated ... For example, his diet, I don't know if it would agree with me or someone else, but it works for him. And I can't say anything, because he would prove me wrong with his results. The fact that we are used to eating meat and that we believe that it is the only source of protein, he managed to prove that this was not the case.

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