THE BIGGEST JINXES: Three zodiac signs that are really unlucky

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There is no man who is always favoured by luck. However, three zodiac signs stand out, which somehow always seem to be very unlucky. Find out who they are below.

THE BIGGEST JINXES: Three zodiac signs that are really unlucky


Virgos are really one of the signs with the worst of luck. Some kind of bad luck can happen to them in every segment, which is why they often prone to getting upset.

They can especially panic in situations when they desperately need luck, because they know in advance that they mights run out of it. That is why Virgos very rarely or almost never believe in luck, but they do their best to completely exclude the moment when luck should crucially help them. Even in love, they are often not accompanied by luck.


Libra is a kind of a freak for good luck. And then, when luck should come to them and when it has just knocked on their door, a reversal can simply happen and luck can turn into misfortune. If they go outside when the sun is out, they could soon be hit by a downpour. A queue in the post office will be created just before they enter and the like.

Libras easily adapts to small things and learn to live with them without any frustrations, but big things, such as the necessary luck at work, love and other important areas of life, can frustrate them.


Pisces are lucky for only one simple reason, because they are too preoccupied with their parallel world in which they live, to even realise how much they are actually followed by misfortune. Otherwise, when they look back, they absolutely realise that everything that was supposed to happen on a good principle, mostly happened on a bad one.

That is why they know how to be nervous, angry, sometimes even furious. The only circumstance that can bring a greater amount of luck into their lives is finding a partner who will transmit or broadcast their luck.

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