THEY OPPOSE MASKS, COVID PASSES AND VACCINES, AND NOW 240 OF THEM DIES PER DAY! Serbian neighbors are on their knees, doctors no longer have a place to isolate the infected!

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Bulgaria is facing a real catastrophe after it managed to vaccinate only 24% of the population, while the EU average is 74%.


Dramatic photos from Bulgarian hospitals and those who don't care

The current situation in Bulgaria is more than just dramatic. This is the country with the lowest percentage of vaccinated against coronavirus in the European Union (EU), however, also the country where mass protests are held against wearing masks, the introduction of COVID passes and all other epidemiological measures.

The situation has now escalated so drastically to the point where this vicious infections kill more than 240 people a day.

At the same time, that country no longer has a place to accommodate its patients, there are 608 people in the intensive care units and there is a lack of available respirators.

Due to the enormous spread of the infection and poor vaccination rates, mandatory health passes have been introduced for most indoor public places. The restrictions sparked new protests, and some political parties accused the caretaker government of mismanagement of the pandemic ahead of the elections scheduled for 14 November.

Health services have warned that, if the new wave of infection does not slow down, the restrictions could be even greater because the hospital system is finding it increasingly difficult to cope with so many patients.

- This is, in one word, a catastrophe - one desperate doctor pointed out.

Currently, there are more than 7,100 people in COVID hospital wards. According to the data, more than 90% of patients have not been vaccinated. The number of those who still decided to be immunised has started to increase since last Thursday, when the authorities restricted the entrance to many public places. Thus, restaurants, cinemas, gyms, etc. could only be visited by those who had been vaccinated, tested negative for COVID or had recovered from the infection.

The main reasons for scepticism towards the vaccine are considered to be the distrust of citizens in the state and the contradictory messages of politicians and experts. In Bulgaria, only 24 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated so far, while the EU average is 74 percent.

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