ANGELINA JOLIE CAME AN EVENT WEARING "A MUZZLE"? The actress totally outdid herself, people can't believe their EYES! (PHOTO)

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Although Angelina dazzled in a gorgeous dress, an accessory that the actress was wearing on her face caught everyone's eye.

Angelina Jolie at the premiere

Angelina Jolie was the main star of the premiere of the movie " The Eternals ", and she took all her children as guests.

Angelina plays in a new superhero movie and she decided on an unusual styling, she wore a brown, long strapless dress, but her jewellery attracted a lot of attention.

The actress wore a gold ornament on her chin, the lower part of which hangs under her chin and the upper part is attached to her mouth, which surprised many people. She paired it with gold earrings, a bunch of gold bracelets and a ring.

Angelina also wore pointy shoes in a metallic shade and a nail polish of the same colour. 


SLIKA: Angelina Jolie shocked everyone

Although she dazzled in a ravishing, sexy gray-brown dress, the small accessory on her face provoked harsh reactions from fashion critics and fans, so not everyone was thrilled with her choice.

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