I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS IN THE LAST 10 YEARS! President Vučić revealed what he received as a gift from Johnny Depp!

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Aleksandar Vučić welcomed Johnny Depp, who presented a gift to the President of Serbia, on that occasion.


President Vučić welcomed Johnny Depp in Belgrade

President Vučić thanked Johnny Depp for the gift he received, but also revealed what left the strongest impression on him.

Honored by the arrival of Johnny Depp to our country, I am especially grateful to him for the wonderful gift, Silent Sparrow, which I received. However, my main impression is that I have never seen such diligence and dedication of all the ladies in my office in the last ten years, because all of them stayed overtime, they dressed up to the nines, like never before, and I'm sure it's just because of me, and not because of Johnny Depp - President Vučić wrote on the Instagram post below the photo of the gift he received from the Hollywood actor.



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