They have some serious issues! Albanians scandalously insulted Serbs during the match with Poland - UEFA is now on the move! (VIDEO)

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The football players of Albania were defeated 1: 0 by Poland in Tirana, and the qualifying match for the World Cup will be remembered for numerous incidents.


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In addition to throwing things at Polish football players, and attacking the fans of their national team, the Albanians have once again shown their pathological hatred for Serbs!

This time, without a single reason, they displayed a flag with an insulting inscription - "FCK SRB" on the stands of the "Air Albania" stadium. 

UEFA is expected to react, and we can only assume what the punishment would be for our football association if a similar "gaffe" was made in Serbia.

As a reminder, they key goal for the Poles was scored by Swiderski. With this defeat, Albania has significantly lower chances of reaching the place leading to the barrage from group I of the World Cup qualifiers.

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