Great success for Serbia! President Vucic published a video and sent a powerful message to the world! (VIDEO)

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Vucic posted a video on Instagram that delighted Serbia.

Aleksandar Vucic published a video of modern Serbian weapons

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, posted a video of modern Serbian weapons on his Instagram profile.

Alongside the video, the President wrote:

- In the past few years, we have managed to put the Army and the military industry on the pedestal of people's trust, which certainly belongs to them, not only because of their historical merits - says Vucic. 

Social media users have been commenting the President's post enthusiastically, and apart from the comments of congratulations and support, here is what the Serbs think:

- A strong army is a guarantor of peace and stability; Great success and hard work of our President; Thanks to a great army, we can sleep peacefully; The Serbian army today looks phenomenal, the military equipment has never been better, you can really see the investments in military equipment; By investing in the military industry, we are investing in the peace and stability of our country, our President did a great job in investing all his work and efforts in making every single citizen of Serbia feel safe ....

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