This sleeping position is the best for: You will no longer wake up tired and stiff

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How well you rest during the night largely depends on your sleeping position.

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Doctors claim that the best sleeping position is the one in which the spine is its natural state.

This position is achieved by lying on your back or side.

- The best sleeping position is the one in which the spine is placed flat in relation to the bed - Dr. Michael Breus, sleep specialist, and Dr. Nishi Bhopal, psychiatrist and sleep medicine specialist,  say. 

They point out that it is important to find the position that is most comfortable and at the same time provides spine support during sleep.

-  While sleeping, the spine should follow its natural curves on the neck, middle and lower back - doctors explain.

Dr. Breus says that the whole body needs to be relaxed and in a position that will allow these parts of the spine to align.

- This is most easily achieved by sleeping on your back or side, but so that your hands are close to your body. Sleeping on your stomach does not allow for a proper spine posture during sleep - the doctor points out. 

A good sleeping position allows the body to relax completely, which can alleviate stiffness and improve sleep quality.

- A poor position during sleep can cause unpleasant pain in the hips, back and neck, but also create new problems such as stiffness. It is also important to choose a pillow of the appropriate thickness so that your spine has as much support as possible - Dr. Bhopal advises.

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