JOKIĆ COMPARED THE NBA TO HORSE RACING! Serbian center bandied words with the referee the whole time (VIDEO)

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Serbian basketball player Nikola Jokić played a preparatory game against the Golden State Warriors within the pre-season of the NBA league yesterday. On that occasion, he was also wearing a microphone, and what he said provoked reactions all around the world.


The new "Joker" show

The Serbian center returned to the floor with a double-double effect. He played for 16 minutes and scored 17 points with 10 rebounds.

Some of Jokić's jokes from the bench were published by the Nuggets on social networks.

Namely, he was annoyed when one of his teammates sat next to him, sweaty, so he made them switch seats on the bench as he saw fit, and he was not impressed with the visit.

- I think there are more people at horse races in Serbia, I will not lie to you - Jokić said.

The Serbian basketball player also told the referee to "be good".

- He's not that strong, trust me. Make the right decision, be a good boy, you're naughty - Jokić joked.



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