ALBANIANS DEFINITELY WANT A NEW WAR IN KOSOVO! At Jarinje, they are holding Serbian helicopters at gunpoint with their 7.62 caliber machine guns! (VIDEO)

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ROSU special forces started aiming at Serbian Army helicopters yesterday at the Jarinje administrative border crossing. This was done from the ground with their 7.62 caliber machine guns.


7.62 caliber machine guns shoot down helicopters in seconds

This is a weapon which can take down a helicopter in a matter of seconds and Albanians got this machinery from the USA.

The machine gun is mounted onto the "humvee" combat vehicle which the US troops used in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq... 

It is also worth mentioning that this vehicle is made to withstand an attack from a anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade launcher. 



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Furthermore, the Kosovo police has  brought this machine gun to the Jarinje administrative border crossing upon the order of Albin Kurti, the Prime Minster of the fake state of Kosovo. 

The authorities in Pristina have ordered for the machine gun to be brought as their response to Serbian fighter jets flying over Jarinje.

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