SERBIA WILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL: Aleksandar Vučić says his final goodbye to Duda Ivković with these magnificent words! (PHOTO)

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The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučič who attended the commemoration on the occasion of the death of basketball coach Dušan Ivković, posted on Instagram that a "great man" left us, however, his life work would remain with us eternally.


Aleksandar Vučić on the commemoration held for Dušan Ivković

- Dušan Ivković left us, a great man, but his life work is eternal. Serbia is grateful to him! - President Vučić wrote this on his Instagram account "buducnostsrbijeav".

He had previously said at the commemoration that as a President he was proud "that Serbia had and would forever have such a man, he was proud that even though he was physically no loger with us, the Great Dušan Duda Ivković, a true legend, would never leave Serbia, just as no one in Serbia would forget him".

Ivković passed away last Thursday in Belgrade, at the age of 78.



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