ASTROLOGERS CLAIM: These zodiac signs are the STRANGEST!

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According to many astrologers, these star signs have the strangest traits.

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The weirdest astrological signs

Every zodiac sign group has its own specific traits. However, the signs that stand out the most are picses, cancers and scorpios.

Pisces are surrounded by weird people


1. Pisces make friends very easily, however, they are always surrounded by a narrow circle of people.

2. If you hurt Pisces, they will retaliate fiercely.

3. Pisces are very good at keeping secrets.

4. When Pisces feel that there is something wrong with them, they will make sure to remove every single piece of evidence which might indicate this.

5. Pisces give everything without expecting anything in return.

Cancers often feel depressed without a reason


1. Cancers are one of the most faithful signs in the zodiac.

2. It is very difficult for Cancers to open up to someone, but once they do, that person remains forever in their heart.

3. Cancers love their moms. Immensely.

4. Cancers often go through phases of "depression" without any reason.

5. Cancers are very loyal to their friends and family.

Scorpios hate being asked too many questions


1. Sparks fly when Scorpios fall in love.

2. You can consider yourself very lucky if you are loved by a Scorpio.

3. Female Scorpios are very sensitive when it comes to their emotions.

4. Scorpios hate being asked too many questions.

5. Scorpios are very shy towards strangers, yet very open among their circle of friends.

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