DO NOT LET THEM FOOL YOU! This is the real situatio in Israel, they are spreading lies!

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These past weeks, social media has been flooded with information claiminig that the situation in Israel is nearly catastrophic. This comes as a surpise, seing that this country was one of the first ones to declare victory over the coronavirus this past summer and then start the third dose vaccination, the so-called booster shot.


Israel is one of the countries with the highest vaccination rates

These last few weeks and days, the public has been faced with a real smear campaign when it comes to the ongoing vaccination. It seem as though this has affected Isreal the most, a country whose people were the first ones to cast away their protective face masks this summer, due to their high vaccination rates. 

Namely, Israel was among the firts countries in Europe and in the world to start the third dose vaccination, the so-called booster shot.  While this country is successfully battling the pandemic, someone has an interest in spreading lies and posting false information on social media.

However, the truth is significatly different, which can be seen on the below chart.


The epidemic curve clearly shows that the most severe cases of COVID-19 infection are among the unvaccinated population

It is clear to see that those who have been categorised as severely affected COVID-19 patients usually belong to the completely unvaccinated population.  The number of affected is  significantly lower among the partially vaccinated and there are very rare occurrences of infection among the fully vaccinated people.

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